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DAY 1 – Road Trip

BreakfastThe Start

We got up at 6.30 for a breakfast of waffles, maple syrup with added sugar and bagels. ¬†George than proceeded to drop his socks down the toilet and we were off on our road trip to Rochester! The CD competition was underway with a strong start from Livi promptly ruined by a hairspray recital leaving Millie to take the title with her winner Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.

9 hours later we arrived just in time to watch the sunset at our new home for the week.

Here’s a short video from our road trip!

Much progress made

Sailing a Sussex Yacht Club SonarHi All

Hope you all had a great weekend and are all set for work tomorrow!!

Firstly a big thank you to Phil & Lisa for coming down to the Shoreham on Friday and taking some photos of the Youth team. These will be linked with the CV’s and will enable us to promote the activity.

This week is the deadline for the Lloyds bank community grant application and I will have this ready for Wednesday. I am applying for funding for sails which will be for spinnakers. This is because I hope to get a main & headsail from Weymouth (see below).

You may well have heard from the team on the opportunity we have been given to gain some top tuning tips and some free sails.

I have been twisting some arms for a loan set of Sonar sails from the Olympic teams and a day of coaching from the Olympic sonar coach.

The British Olympic team have agreed to sort some sails and to help us tune up the boats. I am finalising details but they will be loaning us a boat at Weymouth and we will be tuning up with the Olympic team. This is almost an unbelievable offer from Hannah and I will keep you all up to date.

I also have to 1/2 day events to run which will bring in some funding for both sailability and the youth team. One is this coming Wednesday evening and I need Sonar skippers and powerboat helm. Ben if you are about can I twist your arm to powerboat?

The second is in July and this is a thank you to a company called Loopmaster that have taken over sponsorship for the sailability Goldmansacs event as they have pulled out.For this I have also arranged to borrow the Dive rib as a good show with the right people could turn this into regular sponsorship.

We also have Sam from the RYA down to visit Thursday to see how are onboard training is going.

Have  good week.