DAY 2 – Sign On

Firstly shout out to the oldies for letting us use the brand new sails!!

Spent the morning prepping the boat, signing on, and getting the sails measured leaving us this afternoon to get out on the water for the first time, and what an amazing first sail! We were lucky enough to be asked to two boat tune up with the GB Paralympic Team. We look forward to seeing them out there tomorrow (in our wake).
After an aggressive debate we have decided on the boat name of ‘Oliver Twist’ (this is the SYT song and gloriously British). The coach boat followed our lead calling them selfs ‘Great Expectations’.
We ended the day with a meal at a typical American diner with ridiculous portion sizes, especially a lasagne that would normally feed the whole family!

11 responses on “DAY 2 – Sign On

  1. Colin

    Did you want extra cheese with that lasagne sir!,, don’t eat too much, think about the crew weight, tune up with as many as possible, see what they can do!, find their flat spots

  2. Anton

    Good luck to you all, please look after Alex.
    As he is such a shy timid, retiring type, and hasn’t been away from his family and friends before,
    Oh and please make sure he has his teddy with him while he sails, as he’s prone to panic attacks .

  3. Jane Webb

    Hey… love the videos Hayley keep on interviewing!!! Looks amazing and love the shiny boat. Good luck all of you lovely guys and enjoy every minute. Jane and Kitty xxx

  4. Judy Cleary

    Dear Team! Would you believe it’s Millie and Olivia’s Nan writing a blog!!!! Good luck to everyone.
    Nan xcxcxc

    1. Jay Forsyth

      Hi Everyone
      Have a wonderful time with some good sailing and great results!
      We look forward to following your progress during the next few days

      Oliver and Jay

  5. Hazel & John

    Not sure about the sock down the toilet thing but the rest sounds great. Lots of luck Millie and Olivia and all the crew. ‘A calm sea and a fair wind’ Love H&J xx

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