8 responses on “Day 2 Vid

  1. Jane Paul and Abbey Fenton

    Hi George…wishing you all well from Australia! All the family here are thinking of you and hoping you have a wonderful experience. Love from all of us…Jane, Paul, Abbey, John, U Ern and A Muriel. xo

  2. Lisa Beaney

    Blue skies and sunshine ! looks like you are all having a great time :) Hope the sailing is good and you know who you need to beat :)

  3. Katy Turquoise

    So did you keep the Paralympians in your wake on day 1?? Enquiring minds want to know. Good polishing, Milly :) Looks like day 2 wasn’t much for wind so hope you’re getting enough practise in. V exciting to see you at the Worlds. Go guys :D ! xx

  4. Mick Cleary

    I hope Alex gets more excited about the racing than he did about his breakfast!!

    Good luck for tomorrow everyone. Perhaps last boat home of the two of you makes dinner?

    How’s the house going? In Big Brother style, who should be evicted – is it George for blocking the toilet with his socks?

  5. Vicki Willis(nuttynurse)

    Blue skies but not much wind by the looks of things,the marina looks lovely, my boat would not look out of place there hahaha Hope your all having a good time ,get cracking with the racing good luck . loving the blogs love Vicki the Nutty Nursexx

  6. Hazel & John

    Not sure if my comment was posted(Old lady syndrome)
    Anyway here it is again.
    Not sure about the sock down the Toilet think but all the rest sounds great. Good luck Millie and Olivia and the rest of the team. ‘A fair wind and a Calm Sea. Love Haze & John xx

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