DAY 3 – Training & Niagara Falls

Another early start to a clear sky and bright sunshine. We came face to face with our main competition when we arrived at the club: the American Youth Team consisting of five 15/16 year old boys. After introductions we got straight out on the water for our last day of training before the competition tomorrow. The wind was light giving us a chance to concentrate on the finer details. .I think we need to highlight the fact that we under sailed Kevin for a second time today!

We had our second road trip this afternoon to Niagara Falls. Millie and I couldn’t find any words to describe it other than a magical. We ended the evening with a delicious meal overlooking the now luminated fall’s. We could not have asked for better weather or a better experience. Great Day.

Day 3 Video

10 responses on “DAY 3 – Training & Niagara Falls

  1. Colin

    Niagra is awesome, great pictures, the restaurant by the falls is cool, good luck with the racing, hope all goes to plan, looks like you need an early night on your shelf George, your mother wants to know if you are eating your greens!,,

  2. Steve

    Well done guys, what an experience both the falls and the racing, keep up the good work.
    Look forward to today’s results. We want MORE ‘OLIVER TWIST’.

  3. Webbo

    Come on the Youth Team ! I say “WHAT TEAM ?” YOUTH TEAM …
    Mum says ” Be Brilliant Mills” Dad says ” Whip those Americans Butts”

  4. whalewatcher

    Looks soo fun… keep having an incredible time as you all will! GOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCKKKK AND WIN IT!!!!!!! Yours truley

  5. Dave

    Good stuf guys keep those vids coming!

    FWIW you are inspiring the next bunch’s apsirations to equal or exceed your achievements.

    Best of luck ( don’t need that got skill), & bring us back some silver ware!

    All the best!


  6. Colin

    Heads up, keep going, do something different.
    “If you always do what you always done, you always get what you always got”
    Come on guys and ladies of course, you can do it, we are so proud of what you have done, you mut be knackered but go for a last big push!,

  7. Sam Cleary

    Hey Guys, all looking amazing and still look forward every day to seeing if there’s new blog to read! Have also been looking at the results!! Keep going, be positive. Enjoy each race, it’s simply fantastic that you are even there and taking part. Hope you’re all having the time of your lives. Lots of love x

  8. Mick Cleary

    Enjoy the racing guys – it seems a very high standard. Focus and enjoy each individual race rather than the overall result. Most of all, have fun!!

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