DAY 4&5 – Racing part 1

Racing! Two very long days, out on the water at 8.30 and not back till 5 with 4 races each day. We had a ‘cook out’ after the races yesterday and tonight is rum night! (not for us unfortunately). The wind was so light yesterday that between races people were swimming off their boats, it picked up in the afternoon though when the lake breeze came through, yes the lake breeze, and we had 2 fun races. Today the wind stayed around 12 knots swinging all over the place generating postponement after postponement. We really enjoyed the races but with us all being very competitive the atmosphere of the boat was sometimes.. tense. Overall the weather, wind and location kept spirits high and we all had a great time on both days.
Some events of the last 2 days:
The Best Gybe we’ve ever done followed by our worst!
The spinnaker halyard came off while the spinnaker was up on the downwind leg. This left Alex to climb the mast and retrieve it which the other boats were very impressed with.
Missing the practice race because we were getting bacon butte’s.
Me elbowing Livi in the face whilst hoisting the jib.
Great Expectations handing out a big can of whoop ass today!
Beating Team GB in the last race.


14 responses on “DAY 4&5 – Racing part 1

  1. Steve

    Well done girls and guys what a great video, all that sailing under blue skies
    Soak up the experience, we’re very proud of you all. Keep flying the flag.
    Steve and Chris.

  2. Jane webb

    Such a great video of you all sailing! Loved it….. What a team!! Have an amazing last few days racing. Much love Jane & Chris xxx

  3. Katy Turquoise

    Good sailing, Guys :) . Looks great and that was a lovely gybe you left in the footage! Keep at it & have a blast. :D

  4. Jane Paul and Abbey Fenton

    Hi George,
    just watched your racing video with uncle Ern and Aunty Muriel and Sonia :) Was amazing to see the sights that you saw, and your day to day life of a boating Youth Team :) We hope that you have a great time and that the races go well :) “And may the odds be ever in your favour”.
    well best of luck,
    love Abbey xx

  5. Kitty webb

    Hey mills and rest of youth team, Guess what…….. Hope you had an amazing time in America!! Missing you loads. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Lots of love
    Kitty xxx

  6. Steve

    Well done SYT ‘Oliver Twist’ what a great last days results, what a shame yesterday was abandoned, just getting better all the time. You can all feel very proud. And congratulations to ‘Great Expectation’. We can’t wait to hear all about it.

    Chris and Steve.

  7. Jane & Chris webb

    Great last day result…… Well done the youth team what an achievement! Looking forward to hearing all about it. So proud of you all xxxx

  8. Jane & Chris Webb

    Great last day result! Well done the youth team such an achievement. Can’t wait to hear all about it. So proud of you all :) Jane and Chris xx

  9. Jane & Chris Webb

    Great last day result. Well done the youth team such an achievement. So proud of you all. :) Have fun in New York!
    Jane and Chris xx

  10. Jane & Chris Webb

    Great last day results youth team! Well done such an achievement. So proud of you all :) Have fun in New York and see you all soon. Jane and Chris xxx

  11. sytadmin

    Folks when you leave a comment it has to be checked and I don’t sit staring at the screen all day. I’ll read and approve comments left as often as I can, but don’t expect them to pop up as soon as you leave them ;-)

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