DAY 6 Rain!

Racing canceled. In bigger news my trade mark yellow wellies are no more as one is sitting at the bottom of the lake. The weather let us down today: no wind and lots of rain although we did enjoy jumping around in the puddles and getting very wet playing basketball! In the morning we made our way to the start line but the wind got less and less and there was apparently a 40 knot front coming through so we headed in and never got back out again (Alex was very upset about this). We got hot chocolates, bought some clothes and then came home and went for a dip in the lake! We’re off to the AGM dinner in 10 minutes so time to get ready! More video’s to come…


8 responses on “DAY 6 Rain!

  1. Colin

    Did you know that Ian had got out!, looked like he was walking to Canada!, looks from the results you had a good last day,
    See you guys tomorrow, enjoy the flight

  2. Ted Cleary

    To everyone on the Shoreham Youth Team, Well done on all your racing! Looking forward to seeing Olivia and Millie after a safe journey home. Love Ted xxx

  3. Bayna Belle

    To all the Youth Team, well done, we are all ‘real proud’! No doubt we will hear more tall tales when you get home. I’m sure the generous doses of chocolate helped cheer Alex up. Enjoy the AGM Dinner.

  4. Colin

    To Kevin, Dorian, Ian, Holly and Mel
    Thank you for what you have done for the kids over the past week, they have had a superb time, they are home safe, I am sure there are some great stories to be told, but not about the socks, I will take them out of his pocket money, thank you once again
    Colin and Anne

    1. Kevin

      Hi All
      Well done to the team for working so hard and representing the club and UK youth at the worlds. They showed great determination and no fear flying the kite in 25 knots. Thanks to all that helped to make this possible. Next Europeans in Cowes and Worlds 2015
      Falmouth USA. K

  5. Jane & Chris Webb

    Dear Shoreham Race Team,
    All home safely….. Thanks so much for giving Millie and the youth team this amazing opportunity! Millie is full of it all and just a little bit emotional! ;) She loved every minute!! She’s already talking about the next event so fingers crossed that they will all get to sail together again! We genuinely appreciate all the hardwork and commitment you have given them so thanks once again.
    Have a great rest of holiday.
    Jane and chris

  6. Katy Turquoise

    Hooray for the lot of you :D
    But, enquiring minds want to know… Where did Kevin get to in the Baywatch scene??
    Brill job guys, I’ve really enjoyed watching & reading your blog.

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