DAY 7&8

Today was our best day racing so far. It was very choppy with 3m waves and 25-30 knots of breeze gusting 35! We had some.. interesting.. gybes, broaches and spinnaker runs but overall everyone loved it. These are our favourite conditions! One thing to mention is that Livi was an absolute boss on the ‘shoot’ also that this was our last race as a team probably ever. We had ended the day with a final meal at the club then went home and packed up the house. The next morning we left for NYC at 0400 and arrived short after 1100 so the journey wasn’t too bad! This left us the rest of the day to be hard core tourists. First we jumped on a ferry to get into Manhattan which gave us a good view of the Statue Of Liberty. We grabbed some hot dogs, took the subway to 34th street and went up the Empire State Building (it was amazing). Time square was next on the list and it was just as you imagined it: billboards everywhere, a buzzing atmosphere and crammed with shops and people. It was now time to go home and we arrived at the airport (after a very stressful journey thinking we were going to miss the flight) and, after an emotional good bye, Millie, Livi, George and I were off back to the UK!

DAY 7 Video

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